Sunday, May 29, 2005

Something I had never noticed

I just remembered something I saw last Friday. In our main building, there's a bulletin board with a world map. It had almost every language of the world tacked to its respective countries. Guess which one was missing? When I asked the administration why UK, Australia, US, and all those countries didn't have a language tacked to them, they simply replied that " would be disrespectful to other cultures in this country... ."

Simply acknowledging English as the official language of a few countries and the primary language of others, is not offensive to other cultures -- that is, unless the political correctness virus fused with the multiculturalism pathogen. What makes it different from the rest? Nothing. In fact, it's growing as a GLOBAL language, not just the language of Australia, UK, Canada, and US. Pardon me multiculturalists for the countries I forgot. My racist biggoted homophobic redneck mind is too stupid to remember every single English-speaking country in the world and their secondary languages. I made a plea to the Dean of Students, who is very close with me, and more than proud of being a native English-speaker. I looked at the board again the following Friday. I saw English branch out to many countries, but one country STILL didn't have a language tack. What country might that be?

I went to the administration again to complain. Again, they gave me the multiculturalist PC liberal reply that "the US has no language." Hmm. That explains why most of the internet (a US brainchild) is in ENGLISH, most people use ENGLISH to communicate, and why most GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS (education in general) are being taught in ENGLISH. This country's far more "melting pot" than it is "bowl of salad." Liberals, especially in the school administration, can't seem to accept that the large majority of people CHOOSE to assimilate (or at least part way) because there are "American" institutions that are simply more attractive, easier, and/or more suitable to a fast-paced life (e.g. fast food, status by merit, internet). At the same time, it unifies the country. What many multiculturalists don't realize is that their ideology can potentially lead to massive conflicts of cultural factions within the country. It saddens me that the nation's public schools are still teaching that multiculturalism is a good thing, endorsing it in every way possible, and forcing the students' young impressionable minds to accept it. Just to balance the anti-American, anti-Western, multiculturalist fervor, I really think Dinesh D'Souza's book What's So Great About America should be required reading.

One might argue that there are many districts have signs made in foreign languages (e.g. Chinatown, little Italy, etc), but go into the big cities and point out to me the signs in foreign languages. The only exceptions are the Spanish translations of ENGLISH signs, and even then, they're still supplements. However, my rant about elevating the Hispanics above everyone else is another rant.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Jin's birthday is 9/11/89, not 9/11/86. For those of you who were confused, I apologize. Another one goes to Jin for getting his birthday wrong.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Incidence at School

I have a Chinese friend, named Jin to keep his identity confidential. A few years ago, he was a hardcore anarchist (or as my school terms, a "liberal"). In fact, he was so rowdy and his beliefs were so controversial, that the town didn't want him. They couldn't do anything about his beliefs, and his rowdiness wasn't bad enough to earn him an expulsion. Regardless, his family moved to upstate New York. Financially it wasn't too big of an adjustment for him, since his dad worked close to the New York-Massachusetts Border. That was the last I saw of him for some time.

I don't know what happened, but he came back to my school this year, and he was a new man. Upon hearing of his return, I had originally intended to bash his anarchist views. How little I knew. The first day I saw him back, he was wearing a Bush Country '04 shirt. That surprised me greatly, since he did plenty of Clinton bashing and even more Bush Sr. bashing when I las knew him. By the expression on my face, he knew I was curious about his conversion.

His story is also one of an instantaneous conversion. His birthday is 09/11/89. He loved the thought of bombing everything, but never had the heart or the hate to actually enact it. On his 15th birthday, he received a "special delivery" from Osama bin Laden. Two of America's and the world's most important fell to the ground after a few radicals did a kamikaze. The Pentagon was also in flames, and another plane was downed who knows where.

Jin HATED his birthday present. In fact, he hated it so much, it awakened his inner demon. He renounced all anarchist views and from that day became a patriot. Essentially, ever since the Day of Rememberance, he supported every action of little Quincy.

The following conversation between him and a moonbat transpired a few weeks ago. It took a long time for me to actually make sure I got everything down correctly. If you're not a fan of swears, this might not be for you, since this piece runs the profanity counter pretty high. I will do my best to self-censor, but completely excluding the swears takes the passion and emotion out of their argument. Red is my editing and comments.

[Jin walks into cafeteria wearing a "9/11 Mural found in Iraq" t-shirt]
Lib: You f*ckin' racist, get out of my country! [I have no idea how he made the connection between a 9/11 mural in Iraq and racism]
Jin: Racist?
Lib: You guys are just like the Jews, spreading your f*ckin' capitalist greed with all your faked success.
Jin: Oh so now the TEH INFIDEL JOOOOOS are in on this game. And I bet you think they're killing the blacks and Hispanics to achieve success?
Lib: Damn right, them and their racist policies.
Jin: Dude, catch up on your research. Jews and Asians were just as "historically oppressed" as the blacks and gays. [DAMN RIGHT. Gook and Kike are always excluded from the "equality talks" by liberals]
Lib: They seem to oppress all the minorities now.
Jin: Oppress the minorities? The Jews and Asians ARE minorities. Oh wait! I forgot that Jews and Asians are really Whites.
Lib: You're not a minority! You look white and you don't speak with an accent. [Gotta love the stereotyping]
[Jin grows firey angry]
Jin: Oh so all minorities have to be purebread speak with accents? What kind of f*ckin' stereotypes are you living by? Looks like you're not spreading too much tolerance. Who's the real racist here, me or you?
Lib: You,... and I want racists out of my country.
Jin: Your country? Last I checked this was public property, I'm a permanent resident of this here land, which I love --
Lib [interrupting]: You're foreigner. You have no rights and you have to love this country.
Jin [right after lib says "foreigner"]: and you're just an oridinary citizen. If the DHS tells me to leave, then I might consider it. Otherwise, I don't have to listen to a single [deleted] word you say.
Lib: Yea you --
Jin [interrupts]: And actually foreigners do have rights. Any rights delegated to by international law apply to us, and since I'm a permanent resident, I have the rights to free speech and to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures. Should I be violated by corrupt authority, I have the right to call a lawyer. As long as I don't [mess] up big time with the government, I'm pretty safe from deportation. [Can't be sure if foreigners have free speech or security in self and possessions]
Jin: Oh, so now all minorities have to be liberals? Who's the racist now? I love your thinking. You know what? You have more rights than I do, and I suggest that you excercise your Miranda-given right to remain silent, and shut the fuck up.
[Jin walks to a table and sits with his friends]
[Lib initially pursues Jin, but sees Jin's friends and gives up]

g0t 0wn3d?
I'll answer your questions via comments or email.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Moving to Blogger

We have moved the blog to Blogger hosting. This is why you see the new look and lack of old posts. You will now be able to post comments. Tomorrow, the old posts will be linked to here as the blog archive. Enjoy!


Republican Voices readers should finally be seeing a change in the lack of blog posts on 'Indoctrination Center Ahead' as I have invited Mike DuBois, our Public School Battleline Correspondent, to co-blog with me. Here you will read more and more about how liberal indoctrination is dominating the public education system, stories of converting liberals, and more. We hope you enjoy.

Hello from a New Redneck

Hello my fellow rednecks, bigots, fascists, nazis, homophobes, and wingnuts. This is Mike "A.Z.N" DuBois, Republican Voices' resident Public School Battleline Correspondant. Our gracious Editor-in-Chief has invited me to join his movement of the conservative counterculture of public school children. I will work as hard as I can to get more updates to the indoctrination center.

For those who were here from the beginning and for those of you who were here for the express purpose of using this site to cite examples of indoctrination, you will not be disappointed. Like Emil, I am a firsthand victim of the public education. Since embracing conservatism, I have noticed more and more indoctrination every day, and have seen the oppression of the conservative minority. It saddens me greatly to see the anti-Americanism and the oppressiveness of our nation's government schools. I see the students as victims of liberal bias in education, and I feel sorry for them. Adults have taken advantage of their impressionable minds to push their own personal agenda.

Help Emil and I in our journies to expose the unprofessionalism in our public schools, and join me in my quest to convert and heal the victims of the left. Over the next few months, I will be pumping out real life examples of liberal oppression with unflinching commentary, introducing new converts to the right, and updating you on the toils of old converts. The RV staff and I are proud to be part of the vast rightwing conspiracy, and I hope you as the reader will stand beside us as we continue our attacks against the radical left.